Every time you are touched by the hand of friendship, every time you are supported by the hand of help, every time you receive the hand of guidance, these are the hands of God. Human hands helping God’s hands. God is love, and when love is present, so God is present. God hands you God’s love to handle with your hands. You are God’s instrument, God’s hands. May you let God use them today! 

(Author unknown)




At the Sanbornton Congregational Church, UCC, we seek to support one another through hospital and home visits with our pastor and/or a Friendly Visitor (a church member), and through support in a variety of ways, such as providing meals or transportation. We have an active Prayer Shawl Ministry, as described on this page. Please contact our Pastor at the church to request a visit or phone call: 286-3018.


Jesus calls us to care for one another-- for our neighbors, both friend and stranger-- in times of grief and joy, trouble, illness and need.